The PHMP App - The Proactive Health Management Plan - ThePHMP
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The PHMP App

The PHMP app is the easiest way to engage in a participation activity to earn monthly credit. The app also gives you accessibility to your benefit plan information, claims data, and eligibility details.

Quick Access

  • Check claim status
  • Benefit and enrollee details
  • View, email, or a fax an ID card
  • Prescription price comparison tool
  • View PHMP plan documents
  • Contact customer service

Proactive Management

One of the best ways to take charge of your health is to be well-informed of your healthcare plan and everything it has to offer. The PHMP App experience centers on your specific benefit coverage.

Participation Credit Activities

  • Contact A Coach
  • Access RealTimeTelemed
  • Read a Health News Article
  • Take an Enhanced Wellness Survey
  • Engage in a Health Lesson
  • Start an Exercise Log

Download Now

The PHMP-EZ Health Guide mobile app is available for download on both Android and iPhone mobile devices, and it’s free!

Download the iOS App

Download the Android App