You’ve enrolled in the Proactive Health Management Plan (PHMP). By enrolling, you will have access to an array of valuable benefits that are geared toward assisting you in creating a healthier lifestyle while also potentially increasing your spendable income!

As the name indicates, PHMP is proactive. Every member will receive engagement reminders via mailers, phone, text or email, so you’ll never forget to participate in one of the innovative benefits available to you through this program.

Getting started is easy!

The PHMP contains a non-invasive, confidential Health Risk Assessment (HRA) which provides a snapshot of your current health and lifestyle.

The first month of your enrollment

By filling out the HRA during your enrollment process, you will have already completed your activity for the first month!


Contact with a Coach to discuss your HRA results will qualify you for the second month’s benefit payment.


You will receive touch point reminders about your health and wellness. The program is setup to ensure you get contacted prompting you to engage in one of several ways to meet your activity criteria. You will be ‘proactively’ encouraged to participate and directed as to what you need to do to remain qualified – while improving your health!

Connect to the PHMP Member Portal

The PHMP Member Portal is a key element of the plan. Connect to the portal and all of the PHMP’s options open at your fingertips, including contacting a health coach, reading health lessons, starting a fitness calendar, and more.

the phmp mobile app

The PHMP mobile app for Android and iPhone will help you save time and maximize your PHMP benefits on the go! Learn more about the PHMP app.

The PHMP Online Member Portal

The easy-to-navigate member portal is your one-stop-shop for all things PHMP. Log in, engage in activities, earn your participation credits for the month, and, most importantly, experience the healthiness you deserve!

Ways to Engage

The PHMP offers a variety of ways in which you can qualify for your monthly PHMP benefit.

Health Risk Assessment

Health Risk Assessment

The PHMP includes an HRA to determine which aspects of your well-being require attention. PHMP professionals use the collected data to customize a program to fit each individual’s needs. The only HRA authorized for use is the AHDI approved PHMP HRA.

  • The HRA is completed at the time of enrollment and the data gathered will be loaded into the Coaching system for the AHDI Health Professional to use when speaking with you.
  • Benefit credit is given when the HRA is completed and completion prompts an outreach from the AHDI Health Professional to provide further guidance, professional advice or knowledge.
  • A program customized to your needs will be developed by a Healthcare Professional.

Telephonic and Electronic Health Coaching

Telephonic and Electronic Health Coaching

Includes telephonic, text and email engagement.

  • After completing your HRA, you will receive personally tailored training on prevention and dietary programs to meet your specific needs and goals.
  • Health coaching is a process that facilitates healthy, sustainable behavioral change by challenging you to identify your unique values and transform your goals into actions.
  • Health coaching by AHDI is centered on the principles of motivational interviewing and goal setting.
  • One-on-one coaching is performed by the AHDI Health Professionals.
  • Benefit credit is given by the AHDI Health Professional once the engagement is completed.



Gives you access to a network of licensed doctors who provide 24/7/365 telemedicine visits for non-emergency illnesses.

  • With RealTimeTelemed, you will also be reminded through your mobile device to contact the doctor using the toll free number if you are close to, or have entered an urgent care center. These phone calls may enable you to avoid costly office and/or urgent care visits.
  • Following a consult with a RealTimeTelemed professional, the engagement is automatically noted in the PHMP system, and credit for that month is assigned to you.

Telephonic and Electronic Professional Lifestyle Counseling

Telephonic and Electronic Professional Lifestyle Counseling

Includes telephonic, text and/or email encounters

  • Offers personal coaching that supports you in ways that peers and physicians often cannot.
  • Our Coaches are trained professionals who know how to set-up a program that is designed specifically for you. These Coaches know when and how to make adjustments during your journey to ensure your success.
  • AHDI Health Professionals will have access to HRA, biometric screening and other pertinent information enabling accurate and relevant advice to be provided.
  • Tailored training, prevention and dietary programs to address the needs and goals of each member.
  • Lifestyle coaches serve as an accountability partner, a role that friends and family may not find comfortable.
  • Benefit credit is given by the AHDI Health Professional once your personalized engagement is completed.