Health Risk Assessment

The Core of the PHMP

The Health Risk Assessment is a brief questionnaire that reveals the current picture of your health. Our trained and certified health coaches then determine which aspects of your well-being need the most attention and begin constructing a tailor-made Proactive Health Management Plan just for you.

Learn More — In Confidence

The Proactive Health Management Plan contains a non-invasive, confidential Health Risk Assessment (HRA), which can be completed at enrollment or with a health coach over the phone.

Take a Peek

The HRA provides a snapshot of your current health and lifestyle, then identifies major risk factors that may be of concern.

Your Data, Your PHMP

Information provided by the HRA allows our team of health and lifestyle professionals to create your personalized Proactive Health Management Plan.

What sorts of questions does the HRA ask?

Here are some sample questions from the Health Risk Assessment. These yes-or-no questions determine what sorts of health issues you may or may not be having. From there, our Health Coaches start crafting the perfect Proactive Health Management Plan for you.

  • High blood pressure
  • Weight management disorder / challenges
  • Elevated cholesterol
  • Anxiety
  • Congestive health failure / heart disease
  • Depression