Health Coaching

With you every step of the way

PHMP Health Coaches are trained professionals who know how to design a program specifically for you. Tailored training, prevention, and dietary programs are customized to address your needs and goals.

PHMP Health Coaches are also trained to identify chronic conditions through medical benefit claims, the Health Risk Assessment, Biometric Screening data, and other pertinent health information to ensure all health advice is accurate and precise.

Healthy, Sustainable Behavior Change

PHMP Health Coaches start by walking you through a self-assessment, identifying areas you'd like to improve concerning your health. Lifestyle choices and behaviors account for 50% of what determines an individual's health—more than genetics, environment, and access to care.

No Matter What, Coaches are There

Chronic conditions are also addressed during health coaching. We provide you with up-to-date healthcare information regarding general disease concepts, nutrition, preventative measures, and more, to help facilitate understanding of your health status.

Maintaining Motivation

Just as the coach for a sports team motivates players, a PHMP Health Coach motivates you as you're working toward specific health-related goals. PHMP Health Coaches serve to motivate and inspire you as you work toward your goals—and they're there to celebrate your achievements, both big and small.