Disease Management

Get a handle on your future

Chronic diseases — conditions that last one year or more, require ongoing medical attention, limit ordinary daily activities, or both — such as heart disease and diabetes are the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. The impact chronic diseases have on our health and finances cannot be understated.

Preventing chronic diseases — or managing symptoms when prevention is not possible — can reduce these costs. But it can be a big task, something easier said than done.

Easier said than done ... but not impossible!

Keeping ourselves healthy and avoiding chronic disease more often than not requires fundamental changes to our daily routines — an overwhelming prospect. But it’s important to note that these lifestyle changes don’t have to be gigantic or difficult.

Since many chronic diseases are caused by risky behavior, by making healthy choices, you can reduce the likelihood of major illness and improve your quality of life.

Manage any current disease or prevent the onset of potential future diseases with the PHMP’s Disease Management benefit. Nurse outreach and educational materials enable you to be proactive and minimize the incidences or effects of any chronic or non-chronic illnesses.