What is the Proactive Health Management Plan?

The Proactive Health Management Plan is a supplemental health benefits package that aims to get you in control of every aspect of your well-being. To reach this goal, the Proactive Health Management Plan provides a large array of benefits — from online health coaching, to 24/7/365 access to medical professionals through our telemedicine program — and much more.

On average*, employees enrolled in the Proactive Health Management Plan see an increase in each paycheck! After your enrollment is complete, you will receive an email and a phone call from us to review your enrollment, determine the potential increase in your paycheck, and review the many benefits and savings of the Proactive Health Management Plan in more detail.

* Actual number dependent upon an individual’s tax situation. An estimate will be provided during enrollment.

As an employee, your health is invaluable

Throughout our busy modern lives, we experience ebbs and flows in our physical well-being, and are often too busy to stop and consider the risks we’re running — including the development of serious or life-threatening illnesses. But with the expertise, encouragement, and resources of the Proactive Health Management Plan, healthy lifestyles can become the new normal: preventing, diminishing, and in some cases, eliminating health woes altogether.

Improved health means a stronger, happier workforce – employees that are more capable and feel more empowered.

Designed for your needs, your goals, and your body

The Proactive Health Management Plan includes a limited benefit health insurance plan providing our covered members fully insured indemnity benefits.

The plan provides health and lifestyle coaches specializing in fields ranging from personal training to life coaching.

The Proactive Health Management Plan initiates and reinforces behavioral changes. That means making better choices with the aim of lasting health and greater productivity.

The Proactive Health Management Plan Offers…


The PHMP gives you access to an array of valuable benefits and resources to help you create a healthier lifestyle.


Many participation options are available online, by phone and 24/7/365.


The PHMP offers a team of health professionals and coaches dedicated to helping you reach your goals.