Mental Health Awareness Month: Learn about the PHMP’s Behavioral Health Services

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month, and we’re doing something a little different this week.

Many PHMP Members may not be aware of the powerful mental health-related benefits included in their membership.

In addition to our 24/7 telemedicine access (just one benefit amongst many phenomenal PHMP benefits), the PHMP has a similar service geared specifically towards behavioral health.

Mental Health Awareness is, at its core, about your well being. And what better way to care for yourself than to delve into some crucial self-care services?

Let’s take a look.

An overview of PHMP Behavioral Health

Here’s a birds-eye view of the PHMP Behavioral Health benefit.

  • Available anytime, day or night
  • Consult by app, video, or phone
  • Stay on schedule with reminders, notifications, and secure messaging
  • Board-certified therapists, PhDs, and physicians

What are the services this benefit offers?

The PHMP has partnered with MDLIVE to bring PHMP Members access to a slew of behavioral health-related benefits. These include:

What sorts of things are not appropriate for tele-behavioral health?

The PHMP’s behavioral health services are for non-emergency issues only. If you are having a medical or mental health emergency—i.e. suicidal ideation—call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room; do not rely upon online services for life-threatening matters.

How do I sign up for the PHMP Behavioral Health services?

First, it’s vital that you ONLY sign up with MDLIVE with this PHMP-specific URL:

Signing up in any other way runs the risk of accessing the wrong benefits and, in some cases, not receiving the $0 co-pay PHMP Member discount.

How do I access these services?

Simple! Once you’ve established your account using the steps listed above, you can download the MDLIVE App, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

From there, sign in using your PHMP Member account.

Can I get my family on board? If so, how?

  • Sign into your MDLIVE PHMP account
  • App: On the homescreen, you’ll see an “Add New” button
  • Website: on the MDLIVE website, that button appears as “Add Dependents”
  • Complete all required information
  • If the family members you are adding share your same address,
    click the “Same Address as Primary Account Holder” box
  • Otherwise, assign new addresses to each additional family member

As always…

… our PHMP Health Coaches and Support Staff can help you set up, access, and best utilize your behavioral health benefits. Reach out by email ( or phone (1-855-498-4643) if you have any questions!

Next week’s Online Knowledgebase Article will feature more helpful and insightful information related to Mental Health Awareness Month. Until then, take care of and be good to yourself!

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