The 10 Best Fruits for Weight Loss, Part Three

It’s National Nutrition Month!

Learning about proper nutrition is something we could all use … but sometimes with topics like this, you think, “This is all fine and well, but how does it apply to me right this moment?”

We’ve got your back! Here’s the continuation of our 10 Best Fruits for Weight Loss mini-series. If you haven’t already, check out Part One and Part Two first, and then let’s get going!



Like all citrus fruits, oranges are low in calories while high in vitamin C and fiber. They are also very filling.

Vitamin C
1 orange (140g) 2.8 grams approx. 90% RDA?Recommended Dietary Allowance

How filling, you ask? Oranges are four times more filling than a croissant and twice as filling as a muesli bar (muesli bars are essentially granola bars).

While many people consume orange juice instead of orange slices, studies have found that eating whole fruits — rather than drinking fruit juices — not only results in less hunger and calorie intake, but also increased feelings of fullness.

Fruit juices are often loaded with unnecessary sugars, and ought to be avoided in most cases. So if you are trying to lose weight, eat oranges rather than drink ’em. The fruit can be eaten alone or added to your favorite salad or dessert.



When trying to lose weight, some people avoid bananas due to their high sugar and calorie content.

While bananas are more calorie-dense than many other fruits, they’re also nutrient-dense, packing a goodly amount of the following:

  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • manganese
  • fiber
  • antioxidants
  • vitamins A, B6, and C

Their low-to-medium GI may help control insulin levels and regulate weight—particularly for people who have diabetes.

We all know the expression about an apple a day, right? Well, add bananas to that: One study illustrated that eating a banana per day reduced both blood sugar and cholesterol in people with high cholesterol.

Bananas can be enjoyed on their own as a convenient on-the-go snack or added either raw or cooked to a wide variety of dishes.



Avocados are a fatty, calorie-dense fruit grown in warm climates.

Avocados are one of the most calorie-dense fruits, but despite their high calorie and fat content, avocados may still promote weight loss.

Vitamin K
Half an avocado (100g) 160 calories 15 grams 25% of RDA 20% of RDA

In one study, 61 overweight people ate a diet containing either 200 grams of avocado or 30 grams of other fats (margarine and oils). Both groups experienced significant weight loss, indicating that avocados are a smart choice for those looking to lose weight.

Other studies have found that eating avocados can increase feelings of fullness, decrease appetite, and improve cholesterol levels.

Another large study of American eating patterns revealed that people who ate avocados tended to have healthier diets, a lower risk of metabolic syndrome, and lower body weights than people who didn’t eat them.

Avocados can be used as a replacement for butter or margarine on bread and toast. You can also add them to salads, smoothies, or dips.

And a bonus “fruit” …



Adding rhubarb to the list is a bit of a cheat…

Rhubarb is actually a vegetable, but in Europe and North America, it is often prepared like a fruit. So we’re counting it as a fruit.

Vitamin K
One stalk 11 calories 1 gram 20% of RDA

Additionally, rhubarb fiber may help reduce high cholesterol, which is a common problem for people who struggle with their weight.

In a study in 83 people with atherosclerosis?a disease of the arteries characterized by the deposition of plaques of fatty material on their inner walls, those given 23 mg of dried rhubarb extract per pound of body weight (50 mg per kg) for six months experienced a significant decrease in cholesterol and improved blood vessel function.

Rhubarb stalks can be stewed and served with porridge or your favorite cereal. Although it can be used in many ways, including in desserts, it’s best to stick to low-sugar rhubarb dishes when trying to lose weight.

In Summary…

We hoped your enjoyed our 10 Best Fruits for Weight Loss mini-series and that it has inspired you to add some delicious fruits to your diet and weight-loss plans!

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