Quick Tips on How to Keep Your New Years’ Resolutions

Making New Years’ resolutions is easy: just pick an aspect of yourself you’d like to improve and convince yourself you’ll do the work to improve it. Easy!

Keeping those resolutions … that’s not so simple.

Approximately 80 percent of us have completely bombed our New Years’ resolutions. It’s a perpetual dance: the New Years’ Resolution Dissolution. 1

We tell ourselves that this year (unlike last year) is when we’ll drop 20 pounds, quit smoking, eat healthier, take care of our mental health, and start a rigorous workout routine. And then, suddenly, it’s late January, and we’ve haven’t done any of those things.

Well, perhaps this year is (actually and for real) the year you will break the Resolution Dissolution cycle and proactively commit to your personal goals.

Here are some super-quick pointers on how to stay strong and keep your ambitious health goals.

Choose wisely

Before you decide on your new year resolutions, consider what you want to change or improve in your life. Then, choose the improvement that means the most to you.

Be realistic

Consider focusing on one resolution you believe is attainable. Once you achieve it, you can always add another goal mid-year.

Have a healthy perspective

How you see your resolution affects how you feel about it.

If you desire to lose weight, instead of looking at what you can’t have, focus on what you can. Then feed your body what it needs to function optimally.

(For more information on weight loss, check out our four-part The Science of Weight Loss series!)

Plan your strategy

When you know what you want, create a list of what you can do to get there. Schedule what you can. When we write things down or add them to our calendar, we are more likely to achieve them.

Focus on healthy habits

When we want to see improvements in our lives, it often involves a bad habit. Instead of focusing on changing the bad habit, focus on creating a healthy habit.

Be positive!

There is a good chance you will be met with challenges along the way. The more positive you are, the easier and quicker you can overcome them.

Be easy on yourself

You may not follow your plan perfectly. That’s okay! Simply start fresh the next day. Keep in mind that you are moving forward even if some days don’t appear as such.

Don’t give up

Remember, this is a new year not a new week resolution. Understand that some improvements may take time. Make adjustments along the way if necessary.

Have fun!

It is easier to achieve your goals when they involve some fun. If you are discovering new healthy recipes, invite a friend to join you.

How to Stay Motivated

Know your “why”

When you know the deep-down reason you are doing something, it can be what keeps you moving forward. Take some time to reflect upon why you selected your specific resolution. It is important that you write it down and read it often.

Document your successes no matter how small

Seeing progress is the greatest motivation. Keep a to-do app on your phone and save all those completed task. Start journaling your progress. Anything that’ll put your accomplished goals up front and center to remind you that yes, you’re making progress, and yes, you’re super awesome.

Share with a friend

Supportive, encouraging people can make a difference in your success. We all benefit from having a personal cheerleader (or two or three) to provide emotional support.

Select an accountability partner 

You may not always want someone to keep you accountable, but if you have a strong desire for something, this person can keep you moving forward.

Reward yourself

Of course, it’s important to be mindful of the reward you choose. That plate of cookies may not be best. Look for a healthy incentive. You will be glad you did.

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