Super Simple, Super Quick No-Prep Recipes, Part One

These days, it’s understandable if making elaborate (and delicious! and healthy!) meals is the last thing on your mind.

Maybe the COVID-19 pandemic has you working a stressful job from home with kids squabbling in the background. Or maybe it’s just sort of everything that’s going on nowadays…

Whatever your situation, there may be plenty of days when you just can’t muster the oomph for a healthy, home-cooked dinner — and with our list here, perhaps you won’t have to!

But first things first, you need to…

Stock up

Pulling together healthy meals on the fly won’t happen without a little thinking ahead — mainly in the form of intentional grocery shopping.

Stock up on these convenient go-tos to set yourself up for no-prep meal success.

  • smoked salmon
  • beans like chickpeas or hummus, black beans, cannellini beans, or pinto beans
  • rotisserie chicken
  • turkey or fish burgers
  • eggs
  • tofu
  • block, shredded, and crumbled cheeses
  • whole wheat bread and bread crumbs
  • frozen corn
  • instant brown rice
  • frozen gnocchi (made with wheat or veggies like cauliflower or sweet potato)
  • premade whole wheat pizza crust, naan flatbreads, and pitas
  • quick-cooking pasta like angel hair, tortellini, or shells
Fruits and veggies
  • baby carrots and other presliced veggies like bell peppers or zucchini
  • frozen veggies like peas, carrots, spinach, and green beans
  • frozen veggie spirals like zucchini and butternut squash
  • bagged greens like kale, spinach, or romaine
  • bagged slaw with cabbage, carrot, or broccoli
  • canned and dried fruits
  • berries
Easy flavor additions
  • mustard
  • mayonnaise
  • olive oil
  • vinegars like balsamic, red wine, and white wine
  • dried herbs and spices
  • grated Parmesan cheese
  • salsa

Once you’ve got these ingredients on hand, you’re ready to try this collection of Super Simple, Super Quick No-Prep Recipes. This week we’ll focus on soups and salads!


Tuscan Tuna and White Bean Salad

Think outside the can! Canned tuna tends to get put to work mainly in sandwiches, but it’s an excellent protein to add to a quick and easy salad — like this Mediterranean-inspired meal.

See recipe


Apple Salad with Chicken and Cherries

Rotisserie chicken, apples, and dried cherries make quick work of this tasty salad on the sweeter side.

Sub dried cranberries for a more economical (but still antioxidant-rich) berry choice.

See recipe


Mexican Salad

Full disclosure: You will have to do a little bit of chopping for this salad, but it’ll be worth it when you get a perfect bite with creamy avocado and juicy tomato.

Use a bag of presliced romaine to make things even easier. And when you’re really not feelin’ it at dinnertime, skip the homemade dressing in favor of an olive oil-based bottled variety.

See recipe


Chilled Cucumber Melon Soup

The directions for this intriguingly flavored chilled soup couldn’t be simpler: Put all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

See recipe


15-Minute Miso Soup with Greens and Tofu

Fermented foods like miso have been linked to a stronger immune system — something we all could use a little bit of nowadays!

Serve with a side of instant brown rice for added fiber and complex carbs.

See recipe


5-Ingredient Black Bean Soup

This simple soup relies on the spicy flavor of prepared salsa to work its south-of-the-border magic, while canned black beans make for a zippy cooking time.

See recipe

Hungry yet? Well, that’s just the start of it! Stay tuned next week for Part Two in our Super Simple, Super Quick No-Prep Recipes series for healthy, delicious meat and non-meat main course meals!

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