It’s Not Me, It’s My Pants

So often when it comes to wandering down the road of dieting and eating better, the reason we sometime never reach our goal is because of our own mind. We have to reframe our thinking and train our mind to change. Transform the way you think about weight loss. We have a tendency to view dieting as a process of firm and strict rules about eating, and exercise. We get so caught up in what to eat, when to eat, how to work out and what exercises to do that it overwhelms our minds. Being healthy is a great attribution we all should want to achieve. Feeling healthy, having energy, and looking our best is something positive; however, some wonder where to start.

As the kids start the school year, we search for the routines of life to return. The last long weekend of summer BBQ’s, double chocolate desserts and the adult beverages chalked full of calories have come to a close. Incorporating easy and practical daily habits back into your routine can be a tad overwhelming, however achievable. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so give yourself a mental break and take it one step at at time. Here are a few practical tips to start with.

  • Develop a strategy and create daily habits that stick. This can be as easy as incorporating a morning walk before work or taking the stairs verses an elevator. The key is not to overwhelm yourself with ten new things to achieve each day. Instead, choose one or two things to start with and build upon it each week.
  • Have realistic goals. Set both small and big goals. When you achieve your small goals, it gets you closer to your end result.
  • Get right with your mind. Remove the thought patterns “This is too hard.” “I’ll never fit into those pants.” “I’ll never have the energy I use to have.”  Remember, what you focus on, will determine your level of success. Replace those words with “I enjoy working out.” “I have so much natural energy.” Even if that is not the current reality, speak it, and watch how your goals become reality.

As with any new lifestyle change, go easy on yourself while you build your new, healthy habits. Reach out to our lifestyle coaches for additional help and resources. Remember to celebrate the small victories along the way.

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