More Weight Loss Myths Unmasked

Last week, we knocked the mask off 5 weight loss myths. It was kinda like the unmasking scene in a Scooby Doo cartoon, wasn’t it? Alright, maybe not … but kinda?

This week: a couple more!

1. Skipping Meals Equals Losing Weight

Starving yourself—even for just a handful of days, just to squeeze into that dress in time for the wedding—is a surefire way to sabotage any weight loss regimen. The reason our bodies lose weight is because we burn it off; and like any self-respecting engine, our bodies need fuel. Depriving ourselves of that fuel is very much like driving your car to work with an empty tank and truly believing you’ll get there by sheer force of will.

Goin’ hungry forces the body to slow down its metabolism. Further, your brain will pull a sneaky trick and trigger an impulse to overeat later in the day. So instead of waging a war against your body and brain, keep your gas tank full with healthy snacks, lean proteins, and smarter portions. That’s the key—not going hungry.

2. Gluten Free is a Solution

Gluten and gluten-free are popular buzzwords, and are important to those with gluten allergies. However, due to gluten’s earthy-crunchy reputation as that wise-crackin’ tough that kicked wheat, rye and barley off the streets, it’s often mistaken for a one-size-fits-all healthy diet option. Thing is, there’s just not enough research to say one way or another.

Of course, a lack of evidence doesn’t stop some people from saying gluten-free diets are the solution to effective weight loss. But you can’t believe everything you hear, right?

3. The Next Big Diet Will Work For You!

It seems every week there’s a new author with a bunch of complicated degrees from schools you’ve never heard of hawking a book that purports to be the diet, the revolutionary exercise program that will change the way you live forever. Then you discover this scientific breakthrough centers on eating old sneakers, and everybody starts eating sneakers, and then, a couple months later, nobody remembers what just happened or why they have that sneaker aftertaste lingering in their mouths.

Fad diets are just that: fads. And if you think about it, these dime-a-dozen diets with their ear-splitting infomercials are almost an indicator that you’re not really serious about dieting at all. See, effective weight loss, along with stable diet and exercise routines, require a total overhaul of how you live your life.

There’s nothing wrong with trying a new diet, but if you find yourself regularly scoping out the bestseller list for your dieting silver bullet, the problem may be a lack of committment on your part. Weight-loss programs aren’t one-size-fits-all—they need to be tailored to the individual. It’s all a matter of looking past the myths and finding what really works for you.

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