Beet Kvass: Healing Properties

You’re not stuck just eating yogurt if you’ve recently taken antibiotics! You know that eating probiotics every day is vital, but maybe you hate yogurt or are sensitive to dairy?  Never fear!  Every culture on earth has its own cultured food traditions and it’s time to enjoy some new ones!   Discovering this diversity will lead you to truly enjoy these new foods and help your health along the way.

Our last post was on yogurt; a superfood with gut healing probiotics and digestion enhancing properties that you can make.  All disease begins in our gut, so it’s time to consume foods that heal using live probiotics.

Beet Kvass

You may know this, but beets are also a superfood, and have been touted lately as helping to lower blood sugar and blood pressure.  This health recipe for Beet Kvass is a lacto-fermented beet juice loaded with nutrients and is very useful as a digestive tonic. The beets used in this recipe can be enjoyed as well, but the resulting liquid is the main attraction. Add beet kvass to salad dressings, soups, or wherever you would use vinegar or where a slightly sour taste is preferable.


4 large or 6 medium beets, peeled and chopped roughly;

5 tablespoons sea salt;


Combine the sea salt and the chopped beets and place the mixture in your fermentation jar.

Add enough water to fill the jar, stir to dissolve the salt, cover and let ferment in a warm spot of your kitchen for about 2 days before removing it to the refrigerator.

Apple Cider Vinegar

An old kitchen remedy, but new research suggests that apple cider vinegar use can help solve acid reflux, lower blood pressure, improve diabetes, and support weight loss.

  • Aiding the digestion of protein and fats; stimulating your stomach acid
  • Promote the growth of healthy microflora – apple cider vinegar is a prebiotic, which feeds probiotics (the healthy microflora in your inner ecosystem). In our Bone Broth Recipe, soaking the bones prior to cooking in ACV, helps draw nutrients out of bones into the broth. Before enjoying a cup of your homemade bone broth, try putting 2 teaspoons of ACV into the broth before drinking.

The benefits of ACV come from its powerful healing compounds which include acetic acid, potassium, magnesium, probiotics and enzymes.

Acetic acid can kill dangerous “bad” bacteria, and help the growth of beneficial “good” bacteria

ACV is a good source of polyphenols; which research credits in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, cancers, neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, and diabetes.

Buy ACV raw with the “mother” which means it still contains the beneficial compounds including probiotics. Recommended:  Bragg’s

Sugar Craving Remedy: Add two teaspoons of ACV to a 6 oz. glass of filtered water, and drink it down. Add 2t of raw honey if desired.

Tell your health coach how you’re adding probiotic foods into your diet!  ☺

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