Eat These & Avoid This!

 It’s possible to manage diabetes, and beat it!  The choice is yours on how fast or ultimately how painful it is.  Good planning and wise shopping helps!

We all know that sugar and high fructose corn syrup is a diabetic’s kryptonite (or anybody’s kryptonite) even if you take meds to control your sugar levels. It takes some real discipline to wean yourself off of sugar no doubt!

But did you know that eating good fats is not only very important but healthy, and helps you control your sugar? You need fat in your diet for healthy cells. And fat is important in managing diabetes because it keeps you feeling satisfied. Be choosy about the amount and type of fat you select!


• Add a tablespoon of nuts, particularly almonds or walnuts, to a salad, soup or main course.

• Instead of using low-fat salad dressings, drizzle on a tablespoon of olive oil paired with flavorful vinegars.

• Add two avocado slices to sandwiches or omelets.

FACT: You can actually train your body to burn fat instead of sugar, and to use fat as a source of energy rather than sugar!  

Tip for Success:  Eat More Frequently!

In other words, migrate away from three big meals a day and shift to pleasant but smaller meals, plus lots of healthy snacks. Studies indicate that staggering your food throughout the day not only helps to stabilize blood sugar but also may lower cholesterol levels.

A great snack, for instance, would be an apple with 1 ounce of your choice of cheese, and several almonds.  Be creative!  That way you won’t get bored and you will supply your body with diversity of micronutrients so necessary for restoration of optimal health.

Or, another great snack is a couple of celery stalks filled with cream cheese or peanut or almond butter!  YUM!  Spice it up with sea salt, or freshly cracked pepper or paprika and garlic powder.  It takes a lot of calories to digest the celery and it contains a lot of nutrition as well.

Other options for snacking:  

  • Hard boiled eggs, sprinkled with apple cider or balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper
  • Beef or turkey jerky with 4 oz. of veggie juice
  • Glass of fresh squeezed green juice
  • Banana ½ only with peanut butter or sesame tahini
  • Carrot sticks and snap beans or peas dipped in ranch dressing.
  • Walnuts and pear slices
  • Berries ½ cup, and ¼ cup cottage cheese or ricotta
  • Tuna or salmon salad with cucumber slices
  • Guacamole and whole grain tortilla wedges (no more than 4)
  • Cauliflower and broccoli flowerets with oil and balsamic vinaigrette

Mid-morning around 10:30, or mid-afternoon around 3:30 when your energy tends to dip and you get hungry again would be a great time to enjoy these healthy snacks!

You do not have to live a deprived lifestyle while kicking diabetes, but planning and intentional shopping will arm you for success!


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