Cancer: 5 Things To Avoid

 Environmental factors surrounding the rise of cancer must not be overlooked! 

Making good choices in these 5 areas will go a long ways in your fight against cancer, or helping to overcome it!!!  There’s SO MUCH you can do to deal with your own environment simply by taking charge.

Fact: If you have cancer, you need to deal with toxicity

The weight of research shows that increases in our environment toxicity is increasing our incidence of cancer.  The first thing you need to do is reduce your toxic overload to allow your body to do its job.  A toxic body weighs you down; leaving you wide open for attack.

  1. Look at your water.  Do you drink tap water?  Is it filtered?  If you drink tap water (shuddering to think of the poor citizens of Flint Michigan right now!) stop!   Get a simple filtered water vessel….you can buy BPA free water bottles, for your home, or one of those Brita pitchers for your fridge.  There’s countless toxins in water that municipal water supplies cannot filter out.  Lead, arsenic, pesticides, chemicals and even someone else’s prescription drugs are known contaminants in today’s water supply.
  2. What’s in your personal care products?  This includes, soap, body wash, perfumes, hair care, deodorant, powders and lotions. It takes your skin 26 seconds to absorb what is put on it.  Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so it has a lot of receptors to absorb additional toxins.  Insist on using the most natural products to decrease your toxin intake.  IF you will do this one thing, and read your labels, and eliminate all products which have ingredients you cannot understand you will be doing well.  Things to stay away from which have been linked to cancer and other diseases:   parabens, plastics, sulfates, phthalates, aluminums.
  3. Plastics! These known endocrine disrupters have been linked to some cancers, especially breast.  That is because their chemicals produce xenoestrogens; mocking estrogen in our body. Too much estrogen drives certain cancers.  Replace plastic in your diet with glass for a major cleanup.  NEVER MICROWAVE your food in plastics! A good rule of thumb is the softer the plastic, the more harmful it is.
  4. Air Quality:  Second hand smoke is a primary culprit in the development of lung cancer, but did you know many building materials also emit chemical vapors?  Formaldehyde is emitted from new carpet for two years or more!  Opt for real wood flooring, or tile if you are choosing materials for a safer environment.
  5. Food:  We are what we eat! Avoid these foods; processed meats, hot dogs, sausage, foods with high fructose corn syrup and white sugar, soy, and all GMO foods.  Know what is in your foods!  Some foods are better to eat all organic if you can afford it; others not so much.

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