The Importance Of Self-Care

Science, Beauty Experts, Even Celebrities are talking about 

Inner beauty, self-love, self-acceptance and the art of self-care.  When was the last time you (really) loved yourself, took care of yourself, and appreciated yourself?

It’s easy to go Ninja, deciding to tackle this task of weight management like a pit bull in attack mode, but it’s so vital to recognize that each decision, each bite of food, and each new day is a journey, not a destination.  You’re more than your IQ,  credit score, or weight and body mass index!  You’re an unique, intelligent being of incredible value and potential. What you do today, what you think about today, and what you decide today…frames all of your tomorrows.

Self-loathing, comparison, and rejecting ourselves or assigning a demeaning value to ourselves based on our appearance or shortcomings does NOTHING to boost our self-esteem and the courage needed to make this journey an enjoyable or satisfying one. Science is proving that self-derogatory remarks about ourselves can contribute to auto-immune response and disease.  This 2012 You Tube Video1,2 showing how a model undergoes a complete Photoshop “transformation”, caused an outcry against unrealistic standards in beauty and advertising, went viral world-wide.

Do you compare yourself to glamorous unrealistic models on TV or magazines, and does it send you into despair or a downward spiral of uncontrolled “what’s-the-use” eating?

“Comparison is the Thief of Joy” – Theodore Roosevelt

You are Beautiful – You are Loved

Today is the beginning of the rest of your life.  Savor – celebrate it!  If this was easy it wouldn’t be worthwhile.

Experience, taste, chew, smell, savor, enjoy your food.  Every bite, every sip. Chew it, encounter it.  Celebrate it, digest it.  You are not sneaking it in secret.  It’s nourishing you, feeding you, loving you.

Like carrots, or celery. Or radishes.  Admire their color, texture, and fragrance.  Clean, prepare them carefully.  If need be season them; then take a bite.  Crunch! Take time to really taste. Let it fill your senses. Appreciate that it’s giving you life, energy, vitality. Acknowledge; then take another bite.

Enjoy. Every. Bite.

Chew thoroughly for maximum vitality.

After 20 minutes, your stomach should send a signal to your brain that you’re through.  Rest; let your food digest. Breathe deep and maybe take a short nap, stretch, or walk around before returning to work.

Intentionality is something we humans have forgotten, and it’s hurting us!  It’s time to celebrate the small things in life – even the mundane – and see how our outlook changes!

You’re a winner; and you’ll not quit, not settle, nor back down. You have chosen this road, and you’ll see it to the end!

Smile. Acknowledge this new way of eating is a new way of living…truly, wholeheartedly and with intention…living!  On purpose. Your purpose is greater than you even know.  It’s time to truly live.


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