5 Ways To Be Proactive

You may feel overwhelmed….but losing weight isn’t rocket science.

After consulting with your doctor and wellness coach, the first thing you need is a plan!  Failing to plan is just the inverse of “planning to fail.”   But it doesn’t need to be excruciating or deprivation!  Here are some hacks to help you:

  1. PLAN your meals!
    • The worst thing is to start a diet, then get busy.  If you don’t have foods you should eat prepared and ready for meals, busy work days and little free time in between give way to temptations to drive through fast food easily!
    • Sit down on a Saturday or Sunday, and plan out your meals.  Then go grocery shopping for 5 days in advance.  When you get home, before storing, wash and chop your veggies, drain and put in clear containers in your fridge to have ready for snacking, stir fry and lunches.
    • When you grocery shop (NEVER when hungry!) be sure to stay in the outside of the store where all the fresh foods, meats and dairy are.  Stay away from the processed foods aisles.
    • Before going to work, consider putting your meats or one pot dinners into your crockpot, or assembling your baking dishes with meals ready to pop into the oven.
  2. Restrict FRUCTOSE!
    • Limit total fructose per day to under 25 grams. Following a very low fructose diet for two weeks “reboots” your system.
  3. Stop drinking all SODA – even diet soda!
    • Sodas are addictive, and contain way too much sugar or fructose.  Many contain more sugar in one serving than you should have all day long!  Even diet sodas are addictive and studies have proven that these actually cause you to gain weight!
  4. VEGGIES are your friend!
    • Restrict your fruit intake initially to manage your sugar cravings; this is only short term!
    • Learn to love veggies; experiment with delicious ways to stir fry them using spices and condiments. Google search international recipes – enjoy a variety:
      • Asparagus
      • Escarole
      • Avocado
      • Fennel
      • Beet greens
      • Green and red cabbage
      • Bok Choy
      • Kale
      • Broccoli
      • Kohlrabi
      • Brussel sprouts
      • Lettuce: romaine, red leaf, green leaf
      • Cauliflower
      • Mustard greens
      • Celery Onions
      • Chicory Parsley
      • Chinese cabbage
      • Peppers: red, green, yellow and hot
      • Chives
      • Tomatoes
      • Collard greens
      • Turnips
      • Cucumbers
      • Spinach
      • Dandelion greens
      • Zucchini
      • Endive
  5. STOP drinking fruit juices
    • When you are trying to lower your weight, you are also trying to control and manage your sugar levels. Fruit juices have concentrated levels of fructose.  Many overweight people also have some degree of metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance.  You need to initially curb all foods containing fructose until you get your metabolism, blood sugar, and insulin, under control.

We will definitely talk alot more about this in more detail soon!  Stay tuned!

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