Survivors Speak Out

True survivor stories of those who have beat cancer using alternative therapies. 

“Since my diagnosis in 1982, I’ve completed the Ironman six times, run 67 marathons, have won nearly 1,000 gold medals including eight gold medals in the Senior Olympics, won the title of ‘One of the Ten Fittest Women in North America,’ and have a fitness age of 32, although chronologically, I am 76.” – Ruth Heidrich

“I created my own anti-cancer program—exercise, lots of fresh fruit (I eventually realized berries were the best) and vegetables (especially broccoli and Brussels sprouts), no sugar, little alcohol; and lots of curcumin and black pepper, vitamin D3, and fish oil—were the major components. I was juicing vegetables three times a day to start with. I also tried many ‘cures’. None of them worked for me…Instead, I have myself evolved a program that distils all I have learnt over a lifetime, as an engineer, scientist and cancer patient, and which I think rests on solid scientific medical evidence. I would like to share it with you”. – Ian Clements 

Glynn Williams started taking Essiac tea (FlorEssence)—two ounces in the morning before eating and two ounces at night. The swelling grew larger and then hardened up and the discomfort went away. By this time test results confirmed that he had advanced stage Hodgkin’s. He was put on a course of 16 chemotherapy treatments but after experiencing severe side effects he quit the course of treatments after the fifth chemo. session. Throughout this treatment he had continued with the Essiac tea which he supplemented with vitamins and herbs, one 400 IU vitamin E, one 10,000 IU beta carotene, two ginseng, one shark cartilage, one 1,000 mg vitamin C, drops of liquid echinacea on the tongue every three hours, and then capsules of echinacea 380 mg. He also took a parasite elimination programme using black walnut tinctures, and wormwood capsules. He drank kombucha tea three times a day. He did yoga with a strong focus on diaphragm breathing. His doctors were amazed when he was eventually found to be cancer-free as five doses of chemo. was not considered curative. In December 2007, he confirmed that he was still cancer-free twelve years later. 

“Despite these side-effects she persevered with the CanCell. After several weeks she was feeling much better… in February 1990 she had scans to see what was happening. The radiologist was stunned to find no trace of the cancer. Despite being cancer-free, Elonna continued the CanCell treatment for a further two years. As of September 2011, Elonna McKibben is still alive, and her full story can be read at”

Watch Dr. Veronique Desaulniers’ True Story on You Tube here:  and her interview with Chris Holloway from here:

You should pull up each of these champions’ stories by googling their name for more encouraging insights!

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