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Eat these Super Star Veggies for super anti-cancer action

A garden of discovery awaits you, as you commit yourself to eating healthy.  Studies are showing amazing anti-cancer properties of many vegetables! 

The Allium Vegetables have shown super cancer fighting properties.

What are the allium veggies?  Garlic, Leeks, Yellow and Green Onions.

Eat allium veggies every single day. They are delicious raw or cooked!

The extracts from cruciferous vegetables as well as those from vegetables of the genus Allium inhibited the proliferation of all tested cancer cell lines whereas extracts from vegetables most commonly consumed in Western countries were much less effective. The anti-proliferative effect of vegetables was specific to cells of cancerous origin and was found to be largely independent of their antioxidant properties. These results thus indicate that vegetables have very different inhibitory activities towards cancer cells and that the inclusion of cruciferous and Allium vegetables in the diet is essential for effective dietary-based chemo-preventive strategies1..

Cruciferous vegetables are vegetables of the family Brassicaceae:

arugula                                    horse radish                       water cress

bok choy                                  kale

broccoli                                   mustard greens

brussel sprouts                      radish

cabbage                                   red cabbage

cauliflower                             turnips

collards                                   turnip greens


“I plotted cancer incidence in 25 countries against unrefined plant food intake and found that as vegetables, beans, and fruit consumption goes up 20% in a population, cancer rates typically drop 20%. But cruciferous vegetables are different; they have been shown to be twice as effective. As cruciferous vegetable intake goes up 20%, in a population, cancer rates drop 40%2”. Dr. Furhman

Eat these vegetables either raw or lightly steamed or sautéed. Your body will assimilate these whole, real foods, and their benefits cannot be duplicated by taking any one pre-formed compound or supplement.

Broccoli Salad

Organic broccoli –1 1/2 large whole bunches washed, drained, chopped in 1” pieces

½ small red onion, chopped fine

6 pieces of crispy bacon, crumbled

1 cup organic sharp cheddar cheese

1 cup golden raisins

1/2 cup dried cranberries

1 cup roasted, salted sunflower seeds


½ C. mayonnaise with olive oil

2 T. honey, organic cane sugar, or Sucanat4* sugar cane sweetener

1 T. Apple Cider Vinegar

¼ t. sea salt

Make salad dressing; refrigerate. Toss dressing over salad, refrigerate 2 hours before enjoying.

*Fair Trade Organic Sucanat® (Sugar Cane Natural), is a whole unrefined cane sugar; the least refined cane sugar you can find outside of a cane stalk.  It’s made by crushing freshly cut sugar cane, extracting the juice and heating it in a large vat. Once the juice is reduced to a rich, dark syrup, it is hand-paddled. Nothing is added and nothing is taken out!  It contains trace amounts of iron, calcium, vitamin B6, potassium and chromium.  No chemicals, bone char, or animal by-products are used to make or de-colorize this sugar making it ideal for vegans too.


  3. Johnston N. Sulforaphane halts breast cancer cell growth. Drug Discov Today 2004;9(21):908.TAGS:  wellness, breakthrough, healing, genetics
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