“I am fearfully and wonderfully made….and my soul knows this well.”

You’re an AMAZING creation; complex, fascinating, unique and special!  There’s no one exactly like you!  A million galaxies whirl in concentric rhythmic expression within just one of your cells. The average adult has over 37.2 trillion cells; each in the human body contains about 100 times as many atoms as there are stars in the Milky Way or about, 20 trillion1. Science has estimated that there are approx. 200 billion galaxies in our universe!

Your brain is AMAZING….each night while you sleep, tiny neurons (nerve cells that process and transmit electrochemical signals) are formed and cells regenerate; like a little lightning bolt transmitter/receiver/processor. The human brain has about 100 billion of them2.Each neurons fires about 200 times per second, and each neuron connects to about 1,000 other neurons! So… every time each neuron fires a signal, 1,000 other neurons get that information.  Each of the many systems in your body are equally complex and amazing! Your liver is a processing plant not unlike a factory or a computer.  It is responsible to maintain over 550 functions in your body!   Each of your systems is equally complex and phenomenal as well.

All these processes happen without you even knowing; working around the clock to keep you well and whole!  You are an amazing miracle!  No one on earth thinks or processes just like you; like a snowflake even your fingerprints are unique.  You are fearfully wonderful.  Your soul should know this well.  The Intelligence of this Design is beyond spectacular – inspiring awe and wonder.

Today is about encouragement!  Encourage means to give courage

It doesn’t matter WHAT your challenge…there’s a solution!  What is even more amazing is how restorative the human body is.  Almost every system in your body can be regenerated.

Even if you got that dreaded diagnosis beginning with the Letter C. there’s hope! We’re on the cusp of the most revolutionary health discoveries in history; breakthroughs with ordinary humans like us taking control of our destinies by harnessing this knowledge and making it work to bring wellness to our lives!   Mysteries of the human genome are being decoded and structures are being unlocked in the areas of epigenetics -you just watch….things are turning around!  And you’ll be alive to reap the rewards!  Wellness is your birthright….its in your grasp!

We’re pumped about it, and we think you should be.   Take a moment, inhale, and give thanks that YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made!   Then pick up the phone and call your wellness coach!  If we don’t have the answer we’ll put you in contact with someone who does.

All it takes is courage, hope, and ACTION!  The first step is here lying before you….will you take it?

In health,

Your Wellness Team.



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