Diagnosis Does Not Spell Defeat

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing”.Abraham Lincoln

Our program is all about empowering you to TAKE CHARGE over your own health.  Armed with knowledge, choices and a big dose of courage and determination, you can not only beat cancer, you CAN defeat it!  You don’t have to settle into a corner and get the snot beaten out of you by this unwelcome intruder on your property.

A cancer diagnosis brings fear as the natural response.  But cancer doesn’t spell defeat. A standard treatment plan often times will include three components:

  1. Surgery – cut the cancer out
  2. Chemotherapy – poison the cancer out
  3. Radiation – burn the cancer out.

STOP, BREATHE, THINK ABOUT your options.  IF you’ll do nothing more than what you are advised to do by your medical team….maybe these would be the best options for you.  But IF you are a fighter, and believe that health is possible, and we think you are…then we invite you to think deeper, beyond, and believe that “all things are possible to him who believes.”   There are so MANY things you can do to reclaim your health by building it from the inside out!  And we promise, the process will be life changing!

Surgery, chemo, and radiation come with risks, side effects and possible rewards, true.  However, many times these methods are not successful, with devastating side effects, and neither address the underlying cause, nor prevent relapse. You’ll have the short term confidence that the offender was cut, burned or poisoned out of you, but know this:

You Have Options!

WHAT IF you could strengthen and equip your immune system to DO IT’S JOB of defending and protecting you like it’s supposed to be doing?

WHAT IF you could re-write your genetic code; shore up your defenses to act like the search and destroy mechanisms they were designed to be?

WHAT IF cancer diagnosis is about re-claiming your dynamic purpose-filled life?

WHAT IF…you could partner with your healthcare team to actively fight cancer? What if your medicine truly was at the organic section of the produce aisle or local farm?

Know that your health did not deteriorate overnight. There’s no magic pill that will restore health immediately unless you make significant dietary and lifestyle changes.  Some are free; some involve different grocery choices, and time, but what is your life worth?  You ARE worth it!  Your family, children, spouse, grandchildren, friends deserve to have YOU in their lives for decades to come!

Fighting cancer takes courage! Cancer is not for wimps and respects no one.  Get your boxing gloves on and get busy reclaiming your life!!!

Our next issues will target specific ways you can mitigate cancer and build strength and longevity into your immune system.   Stay Tuned and Have Courage!!!

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