The Problem With Poor Desk Posture

As we age, back pain becomes more and more prevalent. It can happen at any time, after a bad night’s sleep or a particularly aggressive session of yard work. And, of course, when sitting at your desk for long stretches of time.

Although it may not seem that way, a desk job can be very stressful for your body. Sitting for extended periods of time can often cause pain in the neck and back, especially when your posture isn’t perfect. Without a change of habit, what feels like simple discomfort now could become a serious and very painful problem down the road.

Posture and Pain

The way you carry yourself is extremely influential on your overall health. Your skeletal system must carry the weight of your body for many years, which is why poor posture when you are young can create significant issues in motor functioning as you age.

Continued poor posture can cause alignment issues in the spine, leading to aching, pain, and swelling. This kind of pain can in turn affect your ability to accomplish normal functions, like running, walking, and sitting comfortably. The pain associated with with poor posture can be severe, and may never fully resolve if proper measures aren’t taken.

Posture and Back Pain

Did you know that sitting is the most stressful position for your back, exerting over 5 times more pressure than lying down? Unfortunately, most working adults spend many hours a day in a seated position, whether at the office or at home on the couch.

Many chairs, especially standard desk chairs, do not come with proper back support, meaning that eight or more hours each day are spent in an unhealthy position. Most people spend their time hunched over while at their desks, either over a keyboard or while on the phone. Whatever the reason, numerous years of continued bad posture and a sedentary lifestyle can be all it takes for chronic, debilitating back pain to set in.

Making Adjustments

Taking the right approach to posture and activity can be the difference between a pain-free life and physical discomfort that can be hard to ignore. An ergonomic chair with the right back support and adjustable height can be extremely beneficial, forcing your back into the proper position, even when you feel like slouching.

Getting up and moving throughout the day can also take the strain off of your back; just a few minutes of walking and stretching every hour can be the break your back needs. Even when you’re busy, plan a few minutes of activity into your day every hour or so, whether that means getting up to grab a drink of water, going to the bathroom, or taking a stroll around the parking lot.

Poor posture behind a desk can be a serious issue, even if you have yet to feel the effects. Extended periods of time seated in the wrong position coupled with a sedentary lifestyle can lead to chronic pain, causing debilitating issues for decades to come. By choosing the proper back support and making sure to include activity in your day, you can fend off the negative side effects of a healthy life while keeping the pain at bay. There’s no way to rewind time, but better posture and more activity today can be what you need to keep your tomorrows as pain-free as possible.

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