If only we were Superman, or if there were enough hours in a day, we could accomplish all that we want to get done. Whether its extra projects, additional marketing, or other things that correlate to your business, it seems like a day is never enough to get everything done. Sometimes, we push ourselves a little too hard to get things done, and that’s when the ball begins to drop.

Though I have talked about persistence and pushing hard before to reach your goals, today I want to talk about the understanding of what you’re capable of. Believe it or not, even Superman gets tired, and he needs rest. The best of us know when to fold our cards and to take a break. Working over extensively can be dangerous, and here’s how it can negatively impact you and your business.

Working too much decreases the quality of work

When we are going on 4 hours of sleep and 3 cups of coffee to plow through our workload, our brain hasn’t had a chance to rest from the previous night. If you’ve only gotten 4 hours of sleep last night, then ten to one you didn’t get any sleep the night before that either. Our brains begin to break down, and so too does our immune system if we don’t learn to take breaks.

The quality of our work will begin to diminish, and this can begin to seriously affect your business. Would you rather take your time to give a client a product that is 100%, or rush when you’re at your weakest to give a product that hardly reflects what the finished product could be? The answer is obvious, and the solution is simple: know when to call it.

Know when to take a break

If you feel like you’re mentally fatigued, and that you can’t find time to break away from your business for your personal life, then it’s high time you find a way to cut loose for a little while. If you’re a workaholic, remind yourself that taking a break can only be beneficial to production; it should be a mandatory notion to follow on a regular basis.

We all want to build Rome in a day; that’s why that old saying was made in a first place, to remind us that it wasn’t. Put things off for later when you feel like you can’t carry the load anymore to avoid burnout. Once you’ve hit the bottom, it’s hard to recover.

Always take things in stride

Pick up what you can here and there, and remind yourself that you’re only human. There is only so many things you can accomplish before you teeter out, and you want to be at your best each and every day. Taking things in moderation is key to maintaining physical, and mental health. Don’t worry, your business will get to where you want it to be. It just takes time, careful planning, and lots of patience to reap the fruits of your labor.

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